I'm under your bed

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When Cliff Barlow was 7 years old, he moved into a new house with his young parents and baby brother. He liked his new house, all except for the basement of course. He thought it was creepy. 

He used to always hear a tapping noise. The highlight was when his mother told him to go there to pick up some laundry, and he went and heard voices.

After that day, he never went back in ever again. 

One day his life and his parents life, came shattering down. His baby brother went missing. In his crib was a ransom note saying “pay $20,000 or else the baby dies.” His parents contacted the police and they did everything they could but the baby was never found. 

Cliff’s happy life came to a halt. He was robbed of an innocent childhood and a younger brother. He became miserable as did his parents. 

20 years later, Cliff was driving along the road. He passed by his former house. Angry at all of it, and how that one night changed so much, he went back to the house to give it a visit. 

He went to the basement, and furious as ever he punched the wall. To his surprise, the wall came crumbling down. 




Skeletons of little children. There must’ve been 20-30 of them. He could even see bite marks of their little hands. And the worst part? They were all missing their skulls. 

Police later called and identified one of the skeletons as his little brother. 

To this day, the person who did this remains unidentified.

You can read about his story here: X

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